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November 27, 2023

Everyone who buys or sells machinery knows that every situation can be different and may require a different method to achieve success. Many of our customers in the UK are discovering Marketplace-E to buy and sell. This online platform presents a controlled transactional environment where the power of global reach meets the convenience of local service.

Not only does Marketplace-E offer them complete control over the transaction, but we also bring the expertise of our dedicated team to guide our customers through every step of the way. Whether it’s a rare, niche machine or more common heavy-duty gear, Marketplace-E opens the doors to a world of opportunities. In this article, we investigate the benefits for UK customers when it comes to utilising this platform, as well as exploring examples of sales of more unique pieces of equipment.

Why do our customers in the UK like Marketplace-E?

Similar to our online auctions, it offers them a convenient, user-friendly, and efficient solution for buying and selling. But there are specific advantages Marketplace-E has. Using transactional data and market trends, our expert team advises sellers on setting a reserve price. Items listed for sale are advertised globally, all whilst the equipment is kept in the customer’s own yard, or delivered to a Ritchie Bros. yard. Selling with Marketplace-e gives sellers control over the sale process and timing, with a specialised team assisting until the transaction is achieved.

Reach new markets for your equipment

Especially when you have more niche machinery you’d like to sell, it is important that you are reaching the right audience that will see the true value of the item. With our Marketplace-E specialists, we can tap into the appropriate markets, contact qualified buyers from all over the world and negotiate a successful transaction on your behalf.

This platform is great for advertising all kinds of equipment with access to global customers 24/7. We have also found that it is a great option for more niche and bespoke machines. These items need to be seen by the right people to ensure they reach their high-value worth, and our Marketplace-E team has a deep understanding when it comes to assisting with this. They will actively try and sell your machine to qualified worldwide buyers that they have identified through their communication. This ensures that our UK customers will get the high sale price that piece of equipment requires.

Rupert Craven, Sales Manager, UK.

Case study: Tracked Trencher

Some great examples of niche products that UK buyers have sold through Marketplace-E include a 2015 Toro RT1200 tracked trencher in August 2023. This machine had previously sat in the seller’s yard for a year due to the customer simply not having the time to focus on selling the equipment. With the assistance of the Marketplace-E specialists, the seller was able to focus their valuable time on their own business and leave the selling to us.

Our team first assessed the asking price and discussed the market findings with the customer, resulting in a slightly lower, aggressive price advertised. Using targeted methods to communicate with qualified buyers across the globe, a bidder from Croatia emerged. After some negotiations on the final price, handled by the Marketplace-E team, the sale was closed at £100,000.

Thanks to this successful collaboration between the seller and Ritchie Bros, we have significant potential for future business together. I believe this is a result of the excellent outcome we’ve achieved for this tracked trencher. We’ve demonstrated the strength of the Marketplace-E platform, thanks to the collective effort of the entire team behind the scenes.

Lewis Carr UK Territory Manager.

Case study: Sand washing plant

In 2023, we completed a sale for a Terex Aggresand 206 Sand washing plant, sold to a buyer in Panama. This unique piece of equipment was consigned by Ryan Duffy, UK Territory Manager and received a lot of interest. The customer has been an active buyer and seller on Marketplace-E for over five years, working closely with our Marketplace-E specialist, Claudio Martinez. From start to finish, the transaction of the sand washing plant took four months in total, achieving a selling price of £350,000.

Both sales showcase what Ritchie Bros. is all about, enabling substantial reach for UK sellers, stretching into markets beyond those of a standard online selling platform. Also, emphasising the importance of relationships that we cultivate daily with buyers and sellers within our market and the team effort that goes into achieving the desired result.

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Why do businesses like buying on Marketplace-E?

Marktplace-E is active 24/7, with new items added every day. Whether you’re in the market for construction machinery, trucks, agricultural equipment, or any other heavy-duty gear, the platform offers over 50,000 listings on any given day to browse. Marketplace-E offers buyers different purchasing formats, including ‘Buy Now’ and ‘Make Offer’. A notable difference between Marketplace-E and our Timed Auctions is that you always have access to equipment, rather than waiting for a specific auction date. Many items come with an IronClad Assurance stamp, signifying our equipment inspectors conducted a comprehensive inspection of key systems and components.

Ritchie Bros services are on hand for the process

Whether you have sold equipment to the other side of the world or purchased from Europe, as a UK customer, you are able to benefit from Ritchie Bros services to help the process. Our logistics team offers door-to-door shipping, including taking care of customs fees, import and export documentation and more. Marketplace-E also has a dedicated multi-lingual inside sales team who speak over 10 different languages and work to manage accounts and build relationships with buyers and sellers to facilitate seamless transactions of the machines. We are here to ensure there are no barriers on the road to your equipment solution.

Browse the latest items on Marketplace-E and create your free account to get started!

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