360-degree inspection view adds buyer confidence

September 7, 2023
Ritchie Bros.’ 360-degree inspection view is now available to all auctions in Europe, allowing interested buyers to virtually inspect the machine.

Ritchie Bros.’ 360-degree inspection view feature is now available to all Ritchie Bros. auctions in Europe. The feature allows interested buyers to virtually inspect the machine – as if they were standing in front of it. We asked Alessandro Nucci, Director of Operations, to share more about this new, cool feature.   

Ciao Alessandro! Tell us why Ritchie Bros. developed this feature.

“Since COVID-19, we saw a big shift to buying online at our auctions and marketplaces. In this day and age, machinery buyers appreciate having good virtual tools to inspect before they buy – perhaps now more than ever. Our website already offers detailed descriptions and hundreds of photos and videos of the machines. With 360-degree inspection view, we are taking this a step further.”

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Alessandro Nucci, Director, Operations & Safety, Ritchie Bros.

What is it, and how does it work?

“The feature provides a rich digital experience for our customers when they’re considering a purchase at our auctions. The 360 View comprises a photographic walk-around view around and inside the vehicle. The user can drag, rotate, and zoom in to any angle they want to see. It’s super easy and fun to do.”

This is what you see when starting the virtual 360 inspection. By clicking on the orange buttons, you get a zoomed-in, 360° overview of the machine.

“This extra feature allows for an even better virtual inspection, which gives buyers more confidence, which is also good for sellers. Of course, an interested buyer can still come to the Ritchie Bros. yard and inspect the machine in person,” said Alessandro.

Where can I find it?

Go to auction inventory on the Ritchie Bros. website. Items with a 360-degree inspection view enabled can be recognised by a ‘360 degree’ symbol on their item page. Clicking on that image opens the interactive 360-degree view. Enjoy exploring items up close!

Interested to see how it works? Check out our current inventory!

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