Shifting Gears: Ritchie Bros UK accelerates into 2024

January 19, 2024

The dust of 2023 has settled, and we at Ritchie Bros UK are ready for a great 2024. The past year has seen change, adaptation, and success. Our team navigates the ever-evolving auction landscape to embracing change at the Maltby site. 2024 is looking to be an exciting year, we spoke with Rupert Craven, UK & Ireland Sales Director and Colm Moran, UK & Ireland Operations Manager to gain insight into their thoughts as to what we can look forward to.

From Local Deals to Global Reach: Marketplace-E Unlocking More Opportunity

Marketplace-E continued to thrive in 2023 allowing sellers and buyers the opportunity to access a global marketplace 24/7. Our Marketplace-E specialists continue to work with qualified buyers and sellers worldwide to reach great prices and support the transaction process. In 2023, our top sales on Marketplace-E include a tracked trencher Toro RT120 from 2015. The equipment fetched £100,000 in August 2023. Another nice sale on our global platform was a wash plant Terex Aggresand 206 from 2019. It was sold to a buyer in Panama for $350,000. 

2023 saw big growth on our Marketplace-E platform and we saw lots of machinery exported around the world. Although it is important to remember it is never really down to one specific action or event but success across many different areas.

Rupert Craven, UK & Ireland Sales Director

Highlights of a triumphant 2023 at Ritchie Bros UK’s.

2023 was an exceptional year for Ritchie Bros UK, marked by a remarkable 9 auctions held at the Maltby site. We successfully sold over 10,000 machines during these events. The company has witnessed the achievement of outstanding package sales, such as the McCabe Earthworks auction. We secured exceptional results for our valued customer. Among the 59 machines that were listed, there were some standout results with a 2017 Metso Lokotrack LT200 Cone Crusher fetching £205,000 from a qualified Ritchie Bros buyer in Panama. As well as a UK buyer securing a 2019 McCloskey Bros V80 impact crusher for £197,500.

Another fantastic package came from UK-based crane hire company Ainscough, which allowed bidders to bid on top-quality all-terrain cranes at our March auction. Read more here about the Ainscough de-fleet programme and why they choose to partner with Ritchie Bros.

Building a bigger, bolder Ritchie Bros UK: From new team members to operations developments.

Colm Moran, Operations Manager prides himself on consistently looking at ways to ensure the operations division can support a better customer experience.

In 2023, our focus on creating a positive and supportive work environment has played a crucial role in retaining talented individuals, fostering a sense of loyalty, and contributing to the success of our operations.

Colm Moran, UK & Ireland Operations Manager.

The UK team welcomed new members and 2023 has also marked a series of well-deserved internal promotions. Nikki Lombardi has moved from Customer Service Manager to Office Operations Manager and Lewis Carr who moved from a Territory Sales Representative to Territory Manager. We have also transitioned four of our temporary staff into permanent members of the team. The integration of these talented individuals into the permanent team will undoubtedly contribute to continued success in the years to come.

Four years on from the move to the new facility, with its spacious grounds and modern amenities has provided the perfect environment for the company to expand its operations and embrace new technologies.

The expanded space and upgraded infrastructure at Maltby have significantly enhanced overall operational efficiency. The expanded workshop now enables us to provide a wider range of services to our customers, allowing for more streamlined and comprehensive equipment maintenance and preparation processes.

Colm Moran, Uk & Ireland Operations Manager.

2024 and beyond. What is in store for the Ritchie Bros UK.

In 2023 the UK site and team saw lots of change and investment. The facility at Maltby itself was upgraded with new yard surfacing to improve drainage and refurbishing of dated workshops on site.

We don’t have immediate plans for further expansion at the Maltby site. Our focus remains on optimizing existing operations, ensuring sustainability, and exploring strategic initiatives that align with our long-term goals.

Colm Moran.

In general, the main priority for the UK office and team is to continually work on being as efficient as possible and serving our customers best. We noticed the value in new technologies such as our new Spin 360 offering. This will continue to evolve in 2024 to encapsulate more asset types.

The market is always changing, and we have definitely entered a new phase. One that requires more discussion and advice on what the best solution for is used equipment. This is our key priority – to advise well and grow relationships with the sellers.

Rupert Craven.

Customer satisfaction remains at the forefront, and we are committed to delivering a seamless and reliable experience for our buyers and sellers throughout 2024 and beyond.

If 2024 presents a chance for you to work with us when selling your equipment, then we would love to hear from you. You will gain access to our extensive network of buyers from around the world and multiple selling options, our team can chat with you about the best route for you.

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