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September 22, 2023

With over 40 auction sites across the globe, the market for Ritchie Bros buyers and sellers is huge. In the UK our team of over 20 people are committed to ensuring the process of selling and buying equipment is seamless. At Ritchie Bros you can find a plethora options that all offer something different to the customer and when you speak with our expert Territory Managers, they can ensure you find the right one time and time again. In this article we interviewed one of our Territory Managers about their expertise and how this benefits the whole process for our customers.

Our trusted advisors will point you in the right direction.

Ryan Duffy, Territory Manager, South UK.

An integral part of the UK team in ensuring we get the most for our customers, is our Territory Managers. The team of seven each work with their customers to decide on the best plan of action to sell their machines. With a variety of options available its best to pick up the phone and chat with your local representative to ensure you make the right decision.

We aren’t salespeople, I like to think of us as a trusted advisor. The customers that I deal with I am speaking to on a regular occasion, we are having consistent communication as to what’s going on with their machinery and the best plan of action when it comes to buying and selling. It’s a relationship and these take time to build, but it all comes from ensuring you are making the best decision for the customer.” Ryan Duffy, Territory Manager, South UK.

Customers can be sure that our team will always have their best interests at heart, take UK-based crane hire company Ainscough who are pride themselves on ensuring each crane they put into an auction has undergone an extensive inspection and defect rectification.

When someone buys an Ainscough crane, we want them to be able to use it immediately, knowing it has gone through a full detailed inspection process. It’s not just a crane we want to sell at auction; it’s a crane that represents the Ainscough brand.

Graham Weights, Head of Engineering at Ainscough.
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Let our Territory Managers find the best solution for your buying and selling

At Ritchie Bros there is more options on the table than our popular auctions, that can now be accessed online on a chosen date. There is also Marketplace-E that offers more control over pricing and allows you to list products at any time. We also offer Mascus which is positioned as one of the leading machinery listing sites in Europe. All options come with their own different benefits which our Territory Managers can explain to you.

In some cases, your territory manager may offer an option that hadn’t even crossed your mind. Ryan Duffy explains “When I go and see a customer and look at the machinery they want to sell, it’s important to draw upon our experience and knowledge of the whole the Ritchie Bros network to make our decision. It can be a common occurrence that I see machinery better suited to another marketplace and if the exchange rate is preferrable at the time, then we will organise for this equipment to be sent over to another site to be sold.”

It’s important to note that whatever the situation is within the UK, our knowledge of what’s happening in our sites across the globe means we can make better decisions to maximise your machinery listings. Our team are used to dealing with all different types of customers from single users to fleet operators, so if you are unsure of the best route, pick up the phone.

It all starts with a conversation, find your local area representative.

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